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LAGLER in Germany provides an unrivalled level of support and investment in the Timber Floor industry, particularly in the area of skills. LAGLER invest in skills training and environmental/ best practice initiatives all across Europe.

On a local scale, Lagler Australia are no different. As well as holding ongoing and major board position on peak industry association ATFA (the Australian Timber Flooring Association), Lagler Australia are regular financial and practical supporters of yearly skills workshops and trade demonstration evenings.

This translates into care and quality, when it comes to your building and design projects.

Lagler Australia stock products which are truly unique in the area of Timber Floor supplies. In coatings, for example, rather than supply a confusing myriad of brands for a limited range of options, we supply only the best brands for a wide range of timber floor coating options.  Whether you require the standard, commonly-used solvent-based polyurethanes, or more environmentally conscious water-based polyurethanes and natural burnishing oils, Lagler Australia can supply, consult and advise at every stage of your project.

Our range of Engineered Oak Flooring not only provides an exotic range of different tones and character, structurally it is the most stable and solid base on the market. It is also the most sustainable choice. 

We can also source solid or overlay flooring. If you need to know anything about the product itself, and the installation methods, you will receive the most experienced and realistic consultation from Lagler.

LAGLER AUSTRALIA are more than just a Timber Flooring Supplier.

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