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A revolution in floor sanding technology - the Lagler TRIO 

Sub-floor treatment using the specially designed milling discs or the superior efficiency and finish on timber floors using either a velcro sanding disc or mesh sanding disc, makes the TRIO the most versatile and efficient floorsanding machine on the market.


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Lagler Trio

    • Single-phase AC motor 230 V/1.8kW
    • No voltage release
    • Thermal overload protection
    • Motor speed 2800rpm
    • Fuse protection 16amp
    • Number of sanding disks/brushes 3
    • Sanding disk/brush diameter 200mm
    • Sanding disk/brush speed appr. 600rpm
    • Working width 460mm
    • Sanding unit 53.5kg
    • Chassis 24.0kg
    • Total weight 77.5kg
    • Additional weight 8.0kg
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