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The LÄGLER SINGLE offers troublefree handling and long, fatigue-free working periods in a single, efficient unit. The ergonomically styled handle means you keep the SINGLE fully under control, no matter how tough the conditions.

The working angle of the guide tube can be adjusted without taking your hand off the handle, allowing the machine to be effortlessly adjusted to address different conditions or travel under obstacles. And to allow the Single to be compactly transported, the complete guide tube assembly can be dismantled in a few simple steps.

Lagler Single

    • Single-phase-motor 230V / 1,2KW
    • Fuse protection 16 Ampere
    • Sanding disc diameter 406 mm
    • Sanding disc speed appr. 180 U/min
    • Overall length w/o guide tube 615 mm
    • Overall height w/o guide tube 264 mm
    • Height of sanding disc 46 mm
    • Overall width 435 mm
    • Machine weight appr. 45 kg


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