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The ELAN is a light and flexible universal machine. With its low machine weight and extraordinarymanoeuvrability, the ELAN is extremely suitable for sanding edges and areas of wooden flooringunderneath radiators and for wooden staircases. A sturdy motor and good dust extraction guaranteeclean work. The ELAN is straightforward to use, making it suitable for finishing and cover-up work.Irregularities in the flooring are levelled out smoothly thanks to the flexible steel sanding plate.Ideally used for the perfect sanding of edges, stairs and wood floor repairs. Great Deal.


The ELAN comes standard with the 6 1/8” (155mm) short attachment and the 2.9″ (75mm) corner attachment.

Lagler Elan

    • Universal motor with no-voltage release and thermal overload protection: 110V/60CPS/1.05KW
    • Necessary fuse protection of power system: Min. 20A
    • Sanding disc diameter, short and long: 5 - 7/8″ (150mm)
    • Corner attachment disc diameter: 2.9″ (75mm)
    • Sanding disc speed under load:
      • When Idling: 4000RPM
      •  Under Load: 3100 RPM
    • Machine weight: 17.6lbs (8kg)
    • Attachment Data:
      • Attachment Length, Short: 4 3/8″ (110mm)
      • Attachment Length, Long: 12 1/4″ (310mm)
      • Speed of Disc, Short and Long Attachment: ~4000RPM
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