SUPERKARTING- the most underrated motorsport

For a start, lose the ego. You want to race something. You want to go fast. You want something perpetually on the edge, testing your every nerve. Let's face it, you really want to feel like you're in Formula One.

How are you going to achieve that? You don't have a six figure sum to blow.

Lose the ego. Forget what it looks like. Worry about what it feels like.

Don't get me wrong- superkarts look great, some individuals have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure they do. But most people baulk at the idea of racing little karts on big road circuits because, well, they're not cars. It's a common myth- that such a small vehicle on such a large playing field will dull the sensation. This is a mistake. At those speeds, the corners get smaller and smaller...

Make no mistake, you have to be good to pilot one of these things right. Extremely good.

Most motorsport enthusiasts spend their life thinking about cars. We won't admit it, but if we want to race something, we want it to look nice. Put away those old perceptions. Get behind the wheel of a superkart. One lap and you won't care what it looks like.

A summary of the main classes:
125 Rotax:
the most prominent class for numbers. Also known as 125 Non-Gearbox. Entry-level, low cost and low maintenance. Anything between $4000-10,000 setup costs. Don't be put off by not having a gear lever to jiggle. You will be quite busy every lap without worrying about that.
80cc Gearbox: the first of the 'box classes. Choice of 4 wheel brakes, small production motors and 6-7 speed boxes. Great fun, speeds similar to Rotax 125. Costs also similar.
125cc Gearbox: The engines are similar to something Valentino Rossi used in GP 125. 6-7 speed gearbox. Can cost up to $20,000 new.
250 National: First of the big bangers. Production single-cylinder motors, 6-7 speed gears, four wheel brakes. They vibrate like crazy but it's all part of the fun. 230km/h fun, mind you.
250 International: Twin cylinder GP motors. Can cost up to $40,000, or $10,000 for older ones but try these numbers: 0-100 3 seconds, 9 second quarter, 260km/h top speed. Lap times sub-V8 Supercar everywhere. Astonishing.

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