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I went private and all I got was this lousy, rainbow-coloured thong.

While I had to sit out Round 1 I popped down to PI for some admin. For the uninitiated, the VSKC offer full points to a competitor electing to do admin. There are certain criteria and it does not include the final round. Some might not like the thought of being pipped in the series by admin points, but it is a "Club" series and such contribution is considered to be in the spirit of the competition.

I happen to agree- and that's coming from someone who had to swallow being out-scored by Jon Crooke in '06 for that very reason! (And don't you forget it Jon).

It's nice to remember we're not racing for sheep stations (will someone please explain to me from where that expression is derived? Why "sheep stations"? Why not "money", or "women"?). However, from the quality of the racing, you wouldn't know it. It was full on. Close, a little tardy at times, exciting, and full on.Since I wasn't racing this race report will be a little thin. Because I'm a narcissist, and it's supposed to be all about me.

"I've been looking at some of your lap times Dean and, well, quite frankly they're a bit disappointing". Dean Davies attempts to explain "running in" to an administrator who's gone mad with power

Most of my duties were in the control tower with Elaine Fultiak and Jon Booker, two people without whom the race meetings would barely function. It should be said that I'm no stranger to the inner workings of CAMS officialdom ( 6 x GP's, ALMS Street Race Adelaide 2000, Rally SA Course Vehicle 2001, Stage commander Classic Adelaide, loads of comms etc) but it was still a revelation to see the effort required just to get the racing started.

This one started with the doom of a failed timing system after qualifying. Remembering that the final round of '07 had to suffer random grid confusion for the same reason, us dedicated control tower bunnies sifted through 200 lines of data to manually produce the correct starting grid, 1 minute before race control were going to send 'em out. Elaine was close to requiring valium but she sorted the computer niggles like a pro.

Carrying on from '07 was the idea of rolling starts, and as a further bonus, the field was separated into G'box and Non g'box races. Ripper! No more cardial infarctions as Gary Pegaroro rockets past with arms waving! Now I was definitely wishing I was out there...

Some shuffling in the classes; our 07 heavies champ Mark Wicks moved up to Lights, despite still giving away 15-20 kg over the minimum. Apparently his demand for a pay rise forced Hyper Racer to sell his motorhome which of course included the gymnasium. Rod Clark was now driving Craig Taylor's Arrow last raced in the Nationals and the final round of 07, leaving Peter Howard flying the Howards Equipment Racing colours. And what impressive colours they are- his kart and whole package being the most spectacularly presented by far.

Serious bling. And it goes as fast as it looks. Peter Howard dominated heavies in the Howards Equipment Racing Arrow

As it transpired the Howard yellow terror terrorised the heavies field and Peter deservingly scooped the points for the day with 3 wins, and daylight second. P-plater and Britek Motorsport's manager Chris Jewell in the agent-orange Hyper ran as high as second during race 1, only to be nailed by eventual 3rd placegetter Lee Filliponi into MG, leaving Chris languishing back in the field for the rest of the day. Filliponi's team mate David Byrne finished second with his usual consistent fast run. Another Britekian, Mick Treloar, put in some fine performances mixing with #27 Rod Clarke, while the usually quick Andrew Jackman was beset with engine troubles in race 2.

I watched all this from the control tower, pondering how many guys I'd have to beat to be even close to the top three this year!

Not happy Jan. Despite being harpooned in race 1 Chris Jewell's speed was impressive. He looks like he's done this before...

In Lights the frontrunners were Brad Stebbing, Peter Gazzola and Dean Crooke. Since Dean spent most of 07 sorting the new chassis and various bits he was sweating on a successful day. He needn't have worried.

Race 1 Dean was pipped by Stebbing at a gap of 0.006sec, with Peter Gazzola a similar distance behind. They were this close for many laps in race 1 and 2, making the control tower the best place to be. In race 2 Dean managed to pull out a massive gap only to be hauled in by the slipstreaming siamese twins Stebbing and Gazzola. In Race 3 he just drove away and won with a 3 second plus margin, wrapping up with a second, two wins and first place overall for the day. Next was Brad, then Peter. Wicksy hung with the pack for the early laps in each race but succumbed to the weight disadvantage to finish fourth.

"Who are you calling FAT"? Wicksy mixes with the Lights, but Dean Crooke is long gone

Dean Crooke and Hyper Racer, back where they belong

Peter Howard chokes on Gazzola's dust in race 2

Jason McIntyre stepped into an Inter, after yet another serious hospital stay, and was up the sharp end the whole time, including a win in race 3. Also pictured are Gary Pegaroro and Wayne Sproston who had a coming together over Lukey Heights in race 2, putting Sproston out for the final


1 Dean Crooke 2 1 1 62
2 Brad Stebbing 1 3 2 57
3 Peter Gazzola 3 2 3 52
4 Mark Wicks 5 4 4 42
5 Ross Horsey 4 5 5 40
6 Leigh Cavallin 7 7 7 32
7 Shaun Trounson 9 8 6 30
8 Tracey Tyler 8 DNF 8 21
9 Ben Degenhardt 6 6 DNF 20
10 Peter Strangis DNF DNS DNS

1 Peter Howard 1 1 1 65
2 David Byrne 4 3 3 48
3 Lee Filliponi 2 4 6 45
4 Michael Treloar DNF 2 2 39
5 Chris Jewell 3 5 8 39
6 Rod Clarke 6 6 4 38
7 Scott Appledore 8 8 5 32
8 Brendan Luneman 5 7 9 32
9 Gary Vick 9 9 7 28
10 Matthew Palmer 7 10 DNF 15
11 Andrew Jackman DNS 11 DNS 5


Next round is Calder Park, April 6th. Don't miss it!

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