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Jan 12 2011

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Nov 27 2010




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iRacing is the world's leading motorsport simulation with organised competition online, using state-of-the art simulation software. It is the most authentic digital recreation of real-world cars and tracks on the market today, and is used extensively from top-level race drivers to sim enthusiasts. It has such real-world credibility that major race teams utilize the service to gather track time for drivers, saving them millions of dollars in testing.

Tin Top categories included in the sim range from NASCAR to Mazda MX-5 and everything in between, whether it be V8 Supercars, Corvette C6 or Daytona Prototypes. Open wheelers are catered for from the Skip Barber series right through Indycars and F1.

iRacing's investment in authenticity is huge- megadollar laser scanning equipment is taken to every inch of the racetracks they re-create. They scan the cars themselves, down to suspension components. The physics model recreates real-world car behaviour through the sights and sounds of your computer screen, linked to a decent FFB steering wheel and pedal, the sense of immersion is incredible. This is no game. It's hard work and takes race-driver-level commitment.

For more satire and semi-motorsport related stories, click here!

The US - based simulation has not just produced US content. Aussie tracks have received the iRacing treatment- Phillip Island is online (and very popular) and soon Sydney's Oran Park (recently demolished to make way for housing) will be resurrected in digital form online, having been scanned barely weeks before it's sad demolition.

Euro tracks include the spectacular Spa-Francorchamps, UK's Brands Hatch and Silverstone, and Holland's Zandvoort. More are coming, including venues from Japan.

Lagler on a V8 Supercar, gaining exposure on the official V8 Supercar Website here

Lagler's former superkart racer Patrick Atherton is cutting his teeth in the competitive virtual world, which is frequented by real world racers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr (NASCAR), Shan Van Gisbergen (V8 Supercar), and Scott Speed (F1, NASCAR). His two main categories are the Aust/NZ V8 Supercar challenge (pictured above), and the iRacing MAZDA CUP (Mazda Mx5 Roadsters-pic below). He's also taken part in the iRacing GRAND-AM series, mirroring the US Sports Car category which features the Riley Daytona Prototype and the Daytona 24 Hour endurance race as it's headline event. IRacing's "Daytona 2,4 Hour" enduro attracts almost 1,000 competitors on the day of the real-world race, at the millimetre-accurate simulation of the famous Daytona venue.


Frequent articles on Lagler's Sim Racing exploits can be found at iRacing's motorsport news portal (mixing real-world and sim racing news) here at Links to each article are above on the left hand menu.

For a subscription fee of as little as $7 per month you get a basic package to instantly go racing (and some of the most fun categories are included). A meagre additional cost gets you advanced cars and tracks content as you go. All you need is a decent computer, broadband and a good set of wheels and pedals. Join us and lets go racing!



Hello visitors! Sadly, Patrick Atherton is no longer racing superkarts, so there is no current news. He couldn''t help himself but write reams of stuff during the racing years. So, you could spend hours going through his archives of race reports, anecdotes (and some choice satire which can only be understood by Top Gear fans, aliens, South Australians and conservatives. And even they would struggle...) Enjoy!


Lagler Australia are the leaders in floorsanding supplies and the supporters of Patrick Atherton, number 98 in the Rotax Max Superkart Series..

Superkarting is the ultimate motor racing thrill- long circuit racing on the same tracks as V8 Supercars, yet with an astonishing speed/ cost ratio. These are not "go-karts"...

From around $5000 you can get your backside into a machine capable of lapping Australia's leading motor race circuits faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo.

From the fast, scenic curves of Phillip Island to the challenging, technical twists of Winton, or the hard braking of's all fast and spectacular fun.

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